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Showing posts from May 4, 2017


I'm going to have a video and pics here on Ben & Lauren's Disney Fairytale Weddings night on Freeform. Free-fall! I am not for Kevin Jonas's class to be Ben & Lauren, but 19 March is ours! Check out this and this! Pretty purple and blu-ray!

my TV!

Did you get it? Did you get my early acceptance for 14 year olds in 2001 in first grade and driver's ed in seventh grade? That's The Tudors! It was 2007-08 in 2001 and now it is January 12, 2023! Aerobics!

This is not Goodreads! This was The Sell's giveaway. Yeah this book had two giveaways. And is The Cell Phone Swap on Wattpad.

I'm going to read this anytime from 2nd July to Fourth of July, not that early, she is mileymandy.

That's when I'm going to fly out to LAX from RDU, rent a car, stay at Sheraton, and go to Eureka, and go to a new & used books & music store! I think this one in Eureka is really easy! I can tell the internet everything! This was Daddy! I'm not supposed to know t…