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We are twins and we are obsessed with Harry Potter

I don't there's anything wrong here in the hot and sweaty south!

Chasing Red

I'm going to have a video and pics here.
It's Halloween! These books are just like the Twilight saga was. I think Ronin is the Fowler sisters. I wouldn't recommend Wattpad anthologies and limited to only Kindle, though. The Snow Anthology.

Chasing Red by Isabelle Ronin

I am going to read this, it is After Dark's!

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15th September- Comment down below if you still want to wish me a happy Halloween, teach me a little bit more better, tell me what you think, on how to make a business on here with a high school tiles diploma!

I'm going to have a video and pics here.
It's Veteran's Day! This is going to be Where Beauty Lies and is still about Megan Grassel being born in 1993! I am not for her to be her younger sister nor her daughter either!

Always Red by Isabelle Ronin

This book looks like Where Beauty Lies! I'm After Dark!

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15th November- Comment down below if you still want to wish me a happy belated Halloween, teach me …


I'm going to have a video and pics here on Ben & Lauren's Disney Fairytale Weddings night on Freeform. Free-fall! I am not for Kevin Jonas's class to be Ben & Lauren, but 19 March is ours! Check out this and this! Pretty purple and blu-ray!

my TV!

Did you get it? Did you get my early acceptance for 14 year olds in 2001 in first grade and driver's ed in seventh grade? That's The Tudors! It was 2007-08 in 2001 and now it is January 12, 2023! Aerobics!

This is not Goodreads! This was The Sell's giveaway. Yeah this book had two giveaways. And is The Cell Phone Swap on Wattpad.

I'm going to read this anytime from 2nd July to Fourth of July, not that early, she is mileymandy.

That's when I'm going to fly out to LAX from RDU, rent a car, stay at Sheraton, and go to Eureka, and go to a new & used books & music store! I think this one in Eureka is really easy! I can tell the internet everything! This was Daddy! I'm not supposed to know t…

I love One Direction, but AT40 #1 was not One Direction.

I have a white platinum blond One Direction video for you:

I am getting really popular! The Mall of America, Destiny USA, and SIMON Malls (midwest)!

"What Makes You Beautiful" was #3 on June 20, 2012 for their debut album Up All Night. I got it as soon as I could! Not American Idol. Jason Urgo and HanaTheRandomSubway have been One Direction since December 20, 2009. Let's audition for The X Factor UK series seven! Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and Haley Reinhart (she is mine!) are season ten top three. Take Me Home came out later that year when "Kiss You," "Live While You're Young," and "Little Things" were popular."Story of My Life" was #4 on March 5, 2014 for Midnight Memories. Okay, you can listen to "Story of My Life" now."Drag Me Down" was #6 on November 14, 2015 for Made in the AM before "Perfect" ("if you like") and "History". I didn't know that thirds could go on th…

Zayn: The Official Autobiography

I have a video for you!
hey! I am moving to Healdsburg with my whole entire family! My two little brothers and a little sister! Jimmy Wales!  The only site where Violet has a voice!
This is a Blogger reports vlog on Wattpad books in book form by a Zoe. Zayn: The Official Autobiography by Zayn Malik
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I'm not going to read this until it's Big Time Rush and Rosanna Pansino.
Right now, I'm bringing up a 28-year-old born on November 6.
New movie and show with her.
She's Zayn and Little Mix.
Anglo-Indian is Sara Crewe and Anglo-Burmese is VW buses and bugs.
He's "are you mine?" and I'm "are you Anglo-Pakistani?" His mom is Anglo-Irish.
Barefoot pic of Waliyah standing in the grass with him, mom, and Safaa, she's a sapphire and she's safe! Doniya is the dad! 1991, 1993, 1999, and 2004. I watch Doniya's but sometimes not her but Tom Felton! British Bangladeshi Jared Kawim created YouTube and is going to create a Za…